“ULTREYA!” (“Onward”) was the cry of the 1 st Cursillo pilgrims to encourage each other on their journey to Santiago de Compostela.

“We, who are many are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another!” Romans 12:5

Cursillo’s Ultreya is a place where friends encourage and inspire one another by sharing the highlights and challenges of their faith journey experiences.

On one Friday each month, we look forward to: sharing with 3 or 4 others, in a small grouping; someone sharing a witness talk, followed by responses. The hour ends with offering our prayers before the Blessed Sacrament!

***During Pandemic restrictions, we meet for Ultreya virtually.

ULTREYA began, when Eduardo created it for the new Cursillistas, who were too numerous to be integrated into permanent groups, following their 3-Day Cursillo encounter. As an important part of the Cursillista’s 4 th Day, Ultreya is the place to accelerate the conversion that was started during the three days, where one continues to receive the love that maintains the growth effort and also stimulates apostolic commitment.

Eduardo tells us, “The Ultreya is a happy place, filled with joy, enthusiasm. It is where each is at the service of the other, and at the service of the world in evangelization. Ultreya is also the place where one makes friends and can find a permanent group reunion.”

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