Privacy Policy


1. Personal information is considered as any information about a person including name, age, parish, telephone number, email and physical address, and any other such information about an individual.

2. In order to make appropriate arrangements for accommodation and to take care of specific dietary, medical or accessibility requirements during the Cursillo weekend, we will ask you to provide information about yourself solely to make your stay as comfortable as possible. As soon as the weekend has concluded the personal information you supplied will be deleted.

3. You will have the option to choose to have your name and contact information (email, address and telephone number) retained solely for the purpose of keeping in contact with you about Cursillo-related activities including the prayer-line, announcements about Ultreya, School of Leaders, information from Secretariat and social gatherings that may take place from time to time.

4. Notwithstanding the following sentence you also have the option, at any time, of requesting that your personal information be removed from the Vancouver Cursillo contact list by contacting the Treasurer at [email protected] and upon the receipt of such as request action will be taken immediately. However, the Movement will retain the following for its own records: your name and date of your Cursillo Weekend, the Cursillo Weekend official photograph of team members and candidates.

5. Never, at any time, will the Vancouver Cursillo Movement trade, rent or sell the Movement’s contact list.