If you have been baptized and confirmed, then, no matter who you are, Christ has called you to:

“Make disciples of all nations!”. (Matthew 28:19)

In Cursillo, this translates to each of us doing what we can to help each person we encounter, to know that they are loved by God. We do this in all the environments that we find ourselves, i.e. family, friends, co-workers, and people in our community.


On a 3-Day Cursillo weekend, “Cursillistas” (as we are called), journey with others to encounter Christ in an incredibly special way, with a team of Lay people and a spiritual director.

4th DAY

The rest of a Cursillista’s life, following the 3-Day weekend encounter. Group reunion and Ultreya play a big part of the 4 th Day.

  • GROUP REUNION: To keep our life of piety, study, and action alive and growing, we gather in small home groups weekly. To share the graces as well as obstacles to grace of our journey since our last grouping.
  • ULTREYA: The whole community is invited to meet for one hour, at a designated time, one or twice a month, to hear a witness talk, to share our journey in faith with one another, followed by offering our prayers before the Blessed Sacrament.
  • SCHOOL of LEADERS: The whole community is invited to meet for one hour, once a month to hear a reflection on the writings or life of Eduardo Bonnin, helping us to understand the charism that is the Cursillo method.

For cradle Catholic, Cursillo helps lift us from the cradle and awakens us to truly encounter ourselves, God and others. It gives us eyes to see how far we’ve come, (if at all) from the faith we practiced in our earlier years. We are challenged to recognize if we are Lukewarm or content in not stretching myself beyond my comfort zone, as if Jesus’ call to discipleship did not apply to me. If we are new to the faith, Cursillo offers us a wonderful opportunity to grow and strengthen us in our pilgrimage in holiness.

Cursillo’s method facilitates an encounter with self, in responding to these questions:

  1. Am I happy with my relationship with Jesus?
  2. Is Jesus happy with my relationship with Him?
  3. What effort do I make to grow in that relationship?
  4. How much time do I spend being nourished by Jesus in His living Word?
  5. What effort do I put into my life of prayer & devotion?

Journeying with other like-minded Christ centered people, enabling us to grow in a continual and progressive conversion. We pray for each other, encourage, and challenge each other to be saints. As disciples, we are companions on the journey.

The beauty of the Cursillo Movement is that God sends companions to journey with, people whose paths would likely never have crossed, had it not been for Cursillo. These new brothers and sisters in Christ, often become so important to our journey that we wonder how we managed our lives, without them before.

“Make a friend, be a friend, bring that friend to Christ.”

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