Make a Friend Be a Friend Bring a Friend to Christ

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Cursillo is a great way to grow in faith with Friends. 

Imagine a multitude of people floating down a lazy river.

It almost doesn’t even seem like they are moving down this large river, but if you look up every now and then you do notice things are going slowly in a particular direction. 

Things are going pretty good, you have no complaints. Friends are nearby and all seems well. 

You notice a group of 4 people in a boat and they are paddling quite quickly upstream.

You try to paddle upstream yourself and make some great progress but eventually lose motivation and go back to drifting down the stream. 

Eventually, as you keep floating down the stream you seem to have lost some of your friends and family. You are drifting in an unexpected direction. Something seems wrong, you are now drifting much faster than before and you can’t seem to stop, you notice a waterfall ahead but its too late to exit the river. 

Grow in Faith

Life can take you in the wrong direction if you become complacent.

Cursillo is like the group of 4 people paddling together in the story above. When you journey with others, it’s much easier to move in the right direction.

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