Make a friend,
Be a friend,
Bring a friend to Christ

Pope Francis and Cursillo

Your service of proclaiming Christ by being his witnesses in your everyday environments, is an embodiment, a concrete renewal of the Baptism that we have received in Him and makes you disciples and missionaries of the Word, as this was expressed in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church: “Through their Baptism and Confirmation all are commissioned to the apostolate by the Lord Himself” (Lumen Gentium no. 33).

“I was introduced to Cursillo earlier and I had zero interest in it, but in February 2009 I was invited to make my Cursillo weekend and the timing was perfect. And I said yes to attending the Cursillo weekend that July.

I'm so glad I did. Cursillo and those I met helped catapult me into a deep relationship with God and for the first time I felt how much I was and am truly loved by God. Everything since has been a gift from My Father in Heaven.”

Matt Maddalozzo

What is Curisllo?


We are a movement recognized by the Roman Catholic Church (and which has also spread in several other Christian churches).


Cursillo did not come to the Church as a spontaneous creation. It was rooted in the human soil of Spain. We can trace it back to the call of Pius XI.

The Weekend

It is not easy to describe what goes on during the three days of the Cursillo.

The Journey

They leave the cursillo with the desire to live their lives illuminated by this light and to transform this light into a beacon of love which will consume their entire lives and will light the way to God for others

The Tiny Seed of Cursillo

“The tiny seed planted in Spain more than 50 years ago has become a great tree laden with fruits of the Spirit”

Your Vancouver Cursillo Team

Fr Mark McGuckin

Father Mark is a Catholic priest, and the spiritual director for the Cursillo movement in Vancouver, BC.

Father Mark is a Catholic priest, and the former co-host, writer, creator, and creative producer of the Canadian television series Road Hockey Rumble. Father Mark is an improvisational comic actor / filmmaker who majored in Film Production at the University of British Columbia. He wrote, directed, and starred in the short film Lyon King (2004) which screened at the Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto and is now being broadcast on CTV’s The Comedy Network. Mark's other credits include: principal actor in the short film Tomorrow Doesn’t Look Good Either (2004) which screened at the World Film Festival in Montreal and cinematographer on the Gemini Award winning CBC / Documentary Channel series College Days College Nights (2005) and the Life Network series Crash Test Mommy(2005).
After his ventures in television, a spiritual awakening in his late 20s led him back to the Catholic faith, and in 2016, he was ordained as a priest in the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

Larry and Catherine

God has given me a full life through my Cursillo journey. This is what I hope for others, and why I continue to serve in the Cursillo movement.

Hello I’m Larry Bowen
I did not grow up in a home where God (or politics) was mentioned, although I did attend Sunday school for a very brief time. When I was 21 I travelled to Europe, and every time I entered a Catholic Church I felt comfortable and at home. My first real experience in the Catholic Church was when Catherine & I were married in 1972. I had no plan on becoming Catholic, and resisted any invitation to go to church, until our first son was making his first communion. That’s when I started attending Sunday Mass. But ‘I still wasn’t going to become Catholic!’ The Holy Spirit took over in 1999 and I was baptized, confirmed and received the Eucharist.
That same year Catherine made her Cursillo, and I told her not to expect me to ever make a weekend. Well, again, the Holy Spirit works overtime to get me to do what He knows is good for me. In September 2001, I ‘accidentally’ joined the Cursillo national conference at Hatzic Lake, when I dropped Catherine off for the weekend. That’s where I experienced the agape love of Cursillistas, who welcomed and embraced me in spite of myself. They enthusiastically asked me to stay, telling me they had an extra guitar (which is my Achille’s heal, I can never say no to). They invited me to the next Ultreya, and I couldn’t wait to join the next men’s weekend, in May 2002. It was on my weekend, where I really encountered Christ in a profound way. I have continued to experience God’s love in my Cursillo faith journey over the past 19 years. Cursillo has given me authentic, true friendships, as I continue to journey with dedicated like-minded men in Group Reunion, every Wednesday at 6:30 a.m. Through grouping and Ultreya, I learn a great deal from others who witness to overcoming their own challenges. I am constantly inspired by the devotion of others as they share growing closer to God through their piety, study and action. These authentic friendships have not only been a source encouragement, but also loving correction for me, as I share my concerns and struggles in being a disciple. I rely on my group to keep me on track.
I believe in the Cursillo method. I don’t know what my life would be like without Cursillo. We definitely are ‘companions on the journey’, helping each other to be the best version of ourselves. I want to share with others what Cursillo has given me, in authentic loving friendship with God and with others. God has given me a full life through my Cursillo journey. This is what I hope for others, and why I continue to serve in the Cursillo movement.

Hello, I’m Catherine Bowen. I began living my Cursillo in May 1999
I want to begin by thanking God for igniting my love for Him in Eucharistic Adoration, as I first encountered Him in such an intimate way on my weekend, and ever since.
One of the strongest memories I have of my 3 day weekend, was while in the chapel, being aware of the power of God’s grace, through the loving sacrifices of so many. I heard the words “This is what the Kingdom of God is meant to be!” How beautiful and hope-filled were these words!
By living what Cursillo teaches me, (which is living the Gospel Truth), I am empowered to live in conscious grace. Continuing to journey with Cursillo brothers and sisters, greatly encourages and challenges me to answer Jesus’ call to walk in friendship with God and help others to know that they are loved by Him.
Journeying closely with other Cursillistas in my 4 th Day of Ultreya, Group Reunion, and School of Leaders, has enabled me to strive (along with them) for an ideal centred on Christ. I’ve grown in encountering myself, while encountering God, which liberates me to love others without relying on my own (mis)perceptions and judgements. In these 4 th Day encounters, I experience the freedom of sharing my vulnerability with others who
do the same with me.
Before Cursillo, I would never have applied the word ‘evangelization’ to me. I thought it meant memorized scripture and knowing how to ‘use’ it. Fellow Cursillistas affirmed me in pointing out that evangelism actually was a part of my daily life, because the deepest desire of my heart was for others to know that God loved them. They helped me to see ways that I had been an effective disciple, by allowing the Holy Spirit, to use my personality and the situations I naturally found myself in, to witness to Jesus’ love through my actions and yes, sometimes, even my words.
The reason I am still committed to journey and serve in Cursillo, is out of gratitude for the great gifts I continually receive. I cannot imagine the quality of my life of piety, study and action over the past 21 years, without the journey Cursillo has provided me with, in my tremendous encounter with God, with others and with myself.
Christ called and equipped many disciples through Cursillo to accompany and guide me in my pilgrimage of life and I am grateful for the privilege of being called and equipped to be His disciple as an instrument in helping others encounter God in their own journey of faith, hope and love.


My involvement with Cursillo, Group Reunion, and Ultreya that have helped me to become closer and closer to Christ. De Colores!! - Marna Omichinski

Everyone's life has its ups and downs! It has been my involvement with Cursillo and the methods of Group Reunion and Ultreya that have sustained me thru it all and helped me to become closer and closer to Christ. De Colores!!

Brad Chase

Cursillo has given me many friends in faith and we continue to grow in our faith journey together.

A wife and 4 kids, living the dream!

Made my Cursillo weekend in Boise, ID around 2008. Was an amazing experience that led to creating some new friendships which had a huge impact on my faith.

I moved to another country and Cursillo found me again.

After playing on a Church soccer team, one of the other players asked if I wanted to make a weekend. I told him I already made a weekend but would be happy to help out.

That was an equally amazing experience (compared to my original weekend) and has created friendships that have lasted many years.

Cursillo continues to help me be focused on Christ through Prayer, Study, and the action that comes out of that.

Its an honor to be part of the Vancouver Cursillo movement.

A Great Community of Christian Friends

Cursillo is a worldwide movement

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